Castello del Poggio

Castello del Poggio is a beautiful 180-hectare estate, 135 of which are planted with vines,located in a foothill strip in the center of the Monferrato Astigiano, an area internationallyrecognized as a symbol of Italian viticulture and enology.

The estate is the largest single-body vineyard in Piedmont and is dedicated to thecultivation of indigenous grape varieties, such as Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato d'Asti,ambassadors of the best Piedmont wines in the world. It is a DOC wine-growing area that,although homogeneous, brings together vineyards that, due to their exposure, location andnature, allow the vines to express their genetic potential and personalities to the fullest.The structure of the winery, built in the middle of the rows of vines to allow for a more rational and rapid process of grape collection, is part of a project to enhance the value ofPiedmont wines, which has also included continuous renewal and rejuvenation of thevineyards on the estate.
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