Rocca di Montemassi

Rocca di Montemassi is a 100% Tuscan and 100% sustainable "Wine Farm" that rises at the foot of the ancient village of Montemassi, in Southern Tuscany, between the Mediterranean coast and the Metalliferous hills. This sunny land, guarded by the Butteri (Maremma Cowherds), plunges into the blue of the sea, among the green of the vineyards and the gold of the wheat, among Maremma cows and galloping horses. Sunlight, remarkable temperature ranges and diverse soils rich in mineral deposits, iron and clay have an extraordinary beneficial effect on these grapes that produce refined wines of great character.

The estate is a clear example of a Tuscan farm: wine production is complemented by the cultivation of ancient varieties of grains, the care for an experimental vegetable garden and a small orchard, and the raising of the prestigious Maremma cow, as well as the Cinta Senese pig. The system promoted by Rocca di Montemassi is inspired by the concept of permaculture, aiming at the design, conscious and ethical conservation of a productive ecosystem that encompasses the diversity, stability and flexibility of natural ecosystems.